Why Should People Invest In JDST Stock


The Direxion Shares Exchange Traded Fund Trust is considered one of the prominent and biggest movers in the market. After a drop of 15%, the firm plummeted another 13 percent with 51.5 as its existing exchange-traded fund. The JDST stock jdst stock at https://www.webull.com/quote/nysearca-jdst is much popular among investors who are not looking for long-term investments. Moreover, the firm provides ample exposure to investors who want to make a fortune with trading in gold prices.

Should people invest in gold mining firms

The firm itself clearly states that the exchange-traded fund should only be used by investors who completely understand leverage risk that comes along with it. The company’s previous expense ratio was 1.17% and it makes several attempts to track down the performance of the NYSE Arca Gold Miner Index by using future contracts, purchase agreements, short positions, and much more.

The fund managers of the company also sought to leverage investment results before expenses and fees of the Arca index performance on 31 March 2020. Moreover, this firm with JDST stock also reduced its daily leverage exposure to double from triple.

How to decide whether or not to trade

Owing to the increased level of risk, investors are more likely to trade rather than invest in the market. In such a case, investors can expect favorable returns in a very short span. Moreover, they also have to determine the direction of the company’s progress by conducting thorough research. It is also important to carefully analyze the top holdings and then make an investment or trade. Accessing and understanding the firm’s previous performances will also give them a quick start. For instance, the company was trading $14.83 on March 2020 before the sudden outburst of the pandemic coronavirus.

Stock market performance

The DIREXION SHS ET/DAILY JR GOLD MINER firm recorded a difference of -0.45% on 27 May 2020 in its exchange-traded fund. It fell from $22.17 to $22.07 on Wednesday. In addition to this, the JDST stock price has frequently been fluctuating along with a loss of 13.96% in the last two weeks.

Moreover, it’s 30-day high stock price was $30.42 as compared to its 52 weeks high of $1 356.45 and $1 040.82  for its 90-day high. The 30-day low was  $18.82, whereas it was  $18.82 for 90-day and – $18.82 for 52 weeks.


The Direxion is an attractive option for people looking for a short-term investment. People who are well familiar with the risk that investment comes along as well as the leveraged exchange-traded fund, can consider this company.   If you want to know more stock information like vz stock, you can visit at https://www.webull.com/quote/nyse-vz .