Card shaped pen drive vs. standard pen drive

Computer Technology

Life is dull if everything is ordinary and the same always. Everything and everyone needs a change. So why not pen drives?

Standard pen drives have been around for nearly 20 years. Of late,  new models of standard pen drive have been entering the market and they are a joyful sight to our sore eyes. Pen drives are now available in the form of key chains, bats, visiting cards and ATM cards. Of these, the pen drive cards are immensely popular.

Why Pen drive cards score over the standard pen drives?

Pen drive cards score over the standard pen drives due to the following reasons.

  1. Unique design

Standard pen drives look ordinary and boring. But Pen drive cards look smart, sleek and stylish. The design of the Pen drive cards is totally unique and distinctive. It is so attractive that it catches everyone’s eye.

Pen drive cards can be designed like a Visiting/Business Card or an ATM card. Both designs are appealing and arresting to look. Pen drive cards are the latest trend in the market and a big hit among both individuals and companies.

  1. Sleek and compact

Standard pen drives come shaped like a highlighter pen. They look and feel bulky. But Pen drive cards are shaped like a thin card. They look sleek and compact. The  paper-thin and slim design of Pen drive cards scores over the design of  standard pen drives

  1. Easy to carry

Standard pen drives are difficult to carry due to their weird shape. They might bulge out or protrude through your wallet or purse. But Pen drive cards are shaped like a card and are easy to carry. They can slide easily into your wallet, purse or even your pocket. Pen drive cards can even go into your card organizer and rest there safely along with your debit and credit cards. In that way, they can never get lost.


  1. Dual purpose

Standard pen drives have just one purpose- they function as a pen drive. Pen drive cards can be customized to have a dual purpose. Yes! If you print your Pen drive cards in the form of a Business card, it can be handed out as a visiting card to important clients or customers. This type of Pen drive cards makes great Business cards as they create a lasting impression on the client. They can also be pre-loaded with your company information and product catalogues. This makes them great tools for marketing as well.

  1. Ideal for gifting

Standard pen drives are mainly used at the office. But Pen drive cards can be used for personal and corporate gifting. Their unique design makes them appealing gifts for any occasions. Pen drive cards can be pre-loaded with pictures and images and gifted to loved ones on their birthdays or special occasions like Valentine’s day, Father’s day or Mother’s day. Pen drive cards also make ideal corporate gifts as they look prestigious and dignified.

  1. Great as a promotional giveaways

Pen drive cards make great promotional giveaways. They can be pre-loaded with product information and marketing schemes. Companies can also load promo codes or vouchers in these Pen drive cards to help customers redeem them easily from the comfort of their home through websites. Pen drive cards are grabbed easily by customers as they look different, distinctive and appealing. Standard pen drives look like boring devices and even if you distribute them, customers are unwilling to take them.

Pen drive cards are infinitely more attractive than Standard pen drives. Customize your Pen drive cards from a reputed supplier to create lasting impressions.