Best Plantronics Quick-Disconnect Corded Headsets of 2020 to Buy in the USA


Plantronics quick-Disconnect corded headsets come with a headset cable that has a single easy action of connection and disconnection feature that allows a user to leave their desk quickly without taking off their headsets. They are mostly used in offices and call centers where the workers can quickly leave the desk when break times occur. Quick Disconnection (QD) functions usually light but a firm fitting connection between headset lead and the base unit lead. The connectors fit together and firmly lock in place, providing a clear signal to be transferred between the base unit and the headset. Here we have chosen 2020 best corded headsets for you to buy in the USA for clear communication.

Plantronics ENCOREPRO HW710 Corded Headset

These are elegant, and extremely light weighted headsets for professional and personal use. They are stylish and highly adjustable to your needs. The single-ear style allows you to hear crystal clear sound, no matter how busy your environment gets. They are integrated with noise-canceling technology that eliminates all sorts of background noises and transmits only what needs to be heard. They present a wideband quality of voice. The microphone is integrated with an extendable boom arm. They come with two years warranty from the manufacturer that avoids early replacement.

Plantronics ENCOREPRO HW720 Corded Headset

Enjoy crystal clear sound with the comfortable wearing of these Plantronics corded headsets. They are available in Grey and black color. They come with over-the-head wearing style; thus, the ear cushions comfortably sit on your ears. These binaural headphones have soft ear cups that easily sit on the contours of your ears. They are integrated with Sound Guard technology that protects your ears from the high-level sounds. They are featured with a cord length of 10 feet. They are easily connected with a Quick disconnect that allows the user to move away from the base unit as the connector can simply be pulled apart with a firm tug of the cords.

Plantronics ENCOREPRO HW520 Corded Headset

These Plantronics corded headsets are high-performance headsets for office use. They are easy to connect with a Quick disconnect able cord that helps you to easily move away from your desk when having a break or an emergency call. They are featured with all the latest features such as noise-canceling technology that allows you to have distortion-free communications. They are featured with wideband audio sound quality. They are compatible with office desk phones and personal computers. They are featured with sound guard protection that controls the high levels of sound from entering into the ears that may damage the acoustic nerve.

Plantronics ENCOREPRO HW530 Corded Headset

These Plantronics headsets are the newest business-grade series that only weigh about 22grams. They are an outstanding choice for the office workers as they provide quality sound to the ear. They are integrated with low profile over-the-ear wearing style with soft foam cushions.

The integration of Quick-Disconnect allows you to unplug easily and walk away. They transmit excellent sound quality to your ears without any inconvenience.

Plantronics H81N-CD Noise Cancelling Microphone Mono Corded Headset

These corded headsets are compatible to work with Plantronics audio processors and USB-to-headset adapters. They provide direct-connect solutions for the headset-ready phones and agents consoles. They are exceptionally light-weighted with over-the-ear style. The three-point design provides unsurpassed stability and all-day comfort. They support Clear line audio technology, which ensures precise listening levels, thus providing hearing protection. Quick Dis-Connectivity lets you walk away from your phone while still wearing them on your ears. They provide 10-foot reach and adjustable clothing clip for freedom of movement. They are highly durable and reliable with two years warranty.