Reasons Why you Should Keep your Private Information Personal


On one side if technology has given us so much accessibility, it has given the ease to hackers to steal our private information and use it for wrong purposes. If you keep distributing your information to everyone, chances are that you might get kept in the fraud or in any other suspicious activity.

By not only keeping strong passwords but also resisting your private information, you can take control of your data and prevent it from breaches. Be it your name, number, addresses, biometrics and credit card details analyze before you give your information to anyone.

If you aren’t convinced yet, read out the seven reasons why you should keep your private information personal.

  1. It Protects you from Hackers

Do you know why online businesses force you to keep strong passwords of your accounts?

It’s because hackers are always looking to crack the code and steal your personal information. This breach is common on the eCommerce platforms as hackers to their best to dive in the billing cards of customers to take off their money. Follow these tips when you’re giving your information on the Internet.

  • Fill only the details that are important: When businesses are collecting your information, they mark the deal with an asterisk that is important. So, you don’t need to fill the details that aren’t important. Also, first, identify the purpose for which you’re filling out the forms. If it’s important then perform the action otherwise leave it.
  • Never give out your Information on Phone: If you get a random call and that person pretend to be your well-wisher and ask you for information then you must first research if the source is authentic or not.
  • Don’t Click on ever Email: If you receive an email that looks like spam and asks you for a lot of information then also avoids it. Some emails you receive are for the purpose of hacking. As soon as you fill the information they fetch your data and use it for illegal ways.
  1. Protect your Financial Information

The banking apps and websites have given us the accessibility to transfer and pay on a click but it has also opened the risk of data breaches. So, you should take all measures to protect your finances by every means. These tips will be helpful for you to follow.

  • Use Strong Passwords

Never ever create passwords that can be guessed by your friends, family or any person who can judge it by your behaviour, interest and habits. A culmination of special characters, numbers and symbols are the best-suited passwords. If you keep it simple like ‘123456’ or ‘qwerty’ then anyone can guess it and you can suffer the consequences.

  • Don’t do the Transaction from your App when you’re with Someone

Often, we do transactions from the app without realizing that the person next to you is spying on our mobiles. It leads to data breaches and your finances can be compromised. So, avoid opening your app when you’re outside or in a group.

  • Enable 2-Factor Authentication

This is a type of secret code you receive via message or email when you open your app for performing the transaction. This protects you from suspicious logins.

  1. To Protect your Business

If you own a business and doesn’t have the cheap dedicated servers to run the operations then it’s a point to worry as it opens the risk of data breaches.  It can also harm your customer data. So, the solution is to encrypt your data and use a dedicated server so you can cut the risk of information vulnerability.

If you’re active on social media, you should prevent adding your personal information online as it occurs in the possibility of robbery because everybody can dig your information online. With business, privacy remains an important concern.


Whether you’re an online activist or a business owner, keeping your information restricted should be the priority; otherwise, some hackers are ready to attack you online.  So, stay at par from the risks of information falling using the tips mentioned above.

I hope you find this a useful read. If you have any questions, feel free to drop in the comments below.