What are the Advantages of Choosing cPanel for your VPS Hosted Website?


Web hosting plans are designed to make the process of running and managing a website easy and effective. In recent years, VPS Hosting plans have evolved as a preferred hosting type by many websites. These plans offer an isolated hosting environment and dedicated resources while being cost-efficient. Users can install the OS they want and customize the hosting environment according to their needs by leveraging the full root access provided by VPS Hosting plans. Apart from the technical aspects of hosting, the dashboard that allows you to manage your website plays an important role in making site management a breeze. Today, we will be talking about cPanel and the advantages of choosing a cPanel for your VPS hosted website.

  • Website Security

The security of the website is the topmost priority for most site owners. While the web host takes care of the server-level security, cPanel offers access to several settings that can help you set security parameters. These include restricting unwanted access to your VPS, creating password-protected directories, configuring SSL and TSL, etc.

  • Easy Management of Domains

With cPanel, you can create the identity of your site by using in-built DNS editors. This can also help you to create redirects and point users in the right direction. Further, you can set up domains too.

  • App Installation

If you need to find apps to make your website highly functional, then you need not look any further. With cPanel, you can get access to a range of third-party apps to optimize your website. You can look for a specific app or browse through multiple categories to find one that suits your requirements.

  • Disk Space Management

Managing disk space usage is another uphill task for a site owner. With cPanel, you can edit files and folders, create quick backups, and optimize the available disk space.

  • Email Management

When you choose cPanel for your VPS hosted website, you get the tools to manage your email effectively. Using cPanel, you can create new email accounts, auto-responders, and mail forwarders. It also allows you to filter incoming emails and help manage spam effectively.

  • Site Management

Additionally, cPanel makes site management of your VPS hosted website simple and effective as it is compatible with all Linux-based hosting plans. It comes packed with a wide range of features and is cost-efficient too.

Summing Up

As you can see, cPanel offers functionalities to make managing your website easy. A VPS Hosting plan offers a wide array of benefits to websites, and a cPanel allows site owners to optimally use the features of the VPS in a simple manner. If you are looking for a hosting plan for your website, then we would recommend considering a VPS Hosting plan along with a cPanel. Spend some time understanding the hosting requirements of your site, research the market, and consider all aspects before buying. Good Luck!